Federal drug enforcement agents were in Delaware Friday, offerting tips to prevent children from falling victim to the opioid epidemic.  

"I think today, more than ever, if we don't talk to our children that are in third, fourth and fifth grade we're behind," said Shawn Ellerman, Assistant Special Agent in Charge with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). "They know a lot of the stuff before we tell them that."

Ellerman added one way to help children stay clean is for them to keep busy and join positive programs, like sports, theater, or a dance group.  He believes once kids get idle, they become susceptible to bad habits.

Ellerman offered tips to children for parents and guardians to pass along.

"Be careful of your medicine cabinetsl two don't take any pharmaceuticals that are not prescribed to you without your parents or your grandparents. I think we have to give them the honest message to them what the effects are," said Ellerman.

He firmly believes marijuana can serve as a gateway drug to getting kids on the wrong path.

Ellerman spoke at the Opioid Awareness Summit Information Saves event at the Bellevue Community Center, which also had a Naloxone training for adults on August 24, 2018.