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With the U.S. House of Representatives currently mired in impeachment hearings, Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) said he's trying to get some legislation moved.

Coons said he's working with Republican Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) on the Suspicious Order Identification Act of 2019.

"In particular, trying to fix and modernize how the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is able to track large shipments of opioids.

"They have a badly outdated system," said Coons. "Amazon has a more modern, more current, more relevant system than the DEA does."

Coons said no law enforcement agency currently has the ability to provide real-time, nationwide oversight of all orders for controlled substances.

According to a July investigative report by The Washington Post, based on DEA data, America’s largest drug companies saturated the country with 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pain pills from 2006 through 2012.

Coons said consumers can track their dinner or gifts easier than the DEA can track large shipments of drugs.

"If you order a pizza or a package you get texts telling you it's left the store, it's arrived at your doorstep. There is no reason why the DEA shouldn't be able to track where very large shipments of opioids are going in our country."

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