Carousel Park horse injured 021420

New Castle County Police are investigating after someone intentionally hurt ponies at Carousel Park and Equestrian Center in Pike Creek.

"[She] couldn't walk," said Mary Devine, park director.

The barn managers at the New Castle County-owned facility discovered Monday that a lesson pony named Cierra had cords tied around her hooves, after she didn't get up at feeding time.

"This can be very, very serious, if it's not discovered in time," she said. "We're very fortunate that our barn staff is diligent in caring for our horses."

"You can imagine having the blood constricted from your limbs. If you've ever tied something tightly around your wrist and your fingers begin to feel numb, and it was the same thing for Cierra - she wasn't getting any blood to her hoof. If that wasn't recognized, then that lameness could have become permanent. It could even result in her death."

Cierra is now on stall rest.

"She's got both of her hind legs wrapped up.  Her prognosis is unknown, but she seems to be doing much better," Devine said. 

Carousel Park horse injured 021420

This marks the second incident of this kind in the past five months, Devine said.

"This is very, very upsetting...that somebody would intentionally cause harm to any of our animals. We just can't imagine it," said Devine. "These were obviously intentional acts.  Someone intended to cause harm to the ponies here.  We don't need to know why, we just want to make sure that it stops."

Video shows a suspect entering the stable at Carousel Park.

Anyone with information about what happened here should call New Castle County Police Officer Dave Christopher at 302.995.7610