An observant school bus driver and a generous local community effort will make a huge difference for a New Castle area family.

Threatening skies did not stop a ramp construction project from starting Friday at the Yeager's home. It was a project some time in the making, and it came about because of a daily routine on Tim Kelleher's bus route.

Kelleher was noticing that Roger Yeager had to maneuver his grandson Roger Yeager III, who has several disabilities and uses a wheelchair, up and down the front steps by carrying his grandson on his shoulder. 

"It's become quite a challenge," the boy's grandmother, Gretchen Yeager, said.

Kelleher and his aide on the bus Margaret Anderson determined that this situation could not stand.

"We thought if they could have the wheelchair and wheel it right into the house and bring it right out to the bus, every morning and afternoon - it seems to me like it would make their life so much easier," Kelleher said.

Kelleher enlisted the help of Carpenters Local 255 Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council. According to Sam Noel of the union, they are often looking for community projects to accomplish. 

With labor taken care of, the question came to supplies. Kelleher managed to get donated materials from 84 Lumber and Lowe's.

Friday, after about two to three months of organization, everyone got to work. 

"It was nice to see people that didn't know each other come together for a good cause," Noel said. 

"Educating our students goes beyond the classroom and thanks to a dedicated bus driver we now have this wonderful project taking place to make life easier for Roger and his family," Colonial School District Superintendent Dr. Dusty Blakey said.

"Bus drivers are like our lifeline to the school," Gretchen Yeager said.

"We are just so elated that there are people out there that just are willing to volunteer and donate time and supplies - that takes away from their own families - in order to help someone in need," she added. "It's been so greatly appreciated."

Reporter - Anchor

Mark Fowser is a veteran journalist in Delaware.