A set of numbers that will live in the hearts of Philadelphians for the rest of time. When one hears it, they instantly think of the first time the Eagles claimed the Lombardi, the night Tom Brady dropped it, the most historic moment in Philadelphia history since the Declaration of Independence was signed ... I could go on, but you know where this is going. It is the score of Super Bowl LII.

Plain and simple - the number is special.

That was just the case for Adam Clark, a Philadelphian who appeared on Jeopardy Thursday night.

When it was time to set one of his wagers, he replied with those famous numbers.  

Since it was a rather unusual number, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek asked the significance of the number. Clark excitedly replied, "It's the Eagles Super Bowl victory score."

While he didn't answer the question correctly and lost the money, he certainly won the hearts of Eagles fans everywhere.