Filling the vacancy in Wilmington City Council's 1st District has become a bit more clouded following candidate's forum hosted by the First District Democratic Committee Tuesday night.

Only four candidates showed up to the meeting that was hastily called after Albert Mills was voted down by the full council last week. Mills was selected by a council committee to replace his brother Nnamdi Chukuocha.

Expecting issues to arise in the selection process Councilman Sam Guy said over a month ago he submitted a resolution to select a candidate for the 1st District.

"They've taken that resolution--not allowed it to be introduced, not allowed it to be scheduled--because they don't ever want there to be an opportunity for the council, as a whole, to decide who has seven [votes--the amount of votes needed to pass on council--] and put their name in," said Guy.

At last week's council meeting, Councilman Vash Turner tried to make an amendment to the resolution presented--not Guy's amendment--, selecting Subira Ibrahim, but that was shot down by Council President Hanifa Shabazz because she said it didn't follow the correct process for filling the vacancy.

Ibrahim was selected to succeed Chukuocha by some 1st District residents in an informal poll at Tuesday's candidate's forum.  Chukuocha had to resign from city council by November 7, 2018, to take office in Dover.

This Thursday night, council will once again re-consider Mills to fill the vacancy. 

Some of Guy's complaints include that the special committee of five was comprised of three white people and no one living in the 1st District on it. There are eight black members of the 12 members currently on council. Guy went so far as to say that some of the racism and oppression on council has come from the council's black members. 

"They slipped in a resolution for Thursday from Bud Freel, who's the personification of white supremacy in the oppression of black people politically," said Guy.

WDEL has reached out to Freel for comment.