Winterfest 2017

When you walked into the doors at Philadelphia's Xfinity Live! Your Winterfest experience begins. With live music and drinking games there was over 150 beers from about 75 different breweries all for you to try, you will need to hold on tight to that mug.

"We came all the way up from Delaware for Winterfest because we love the atmosphere we love the selection of the beer," said Megan Glackin and Chris Treats. "It is her fourth one and my first so I had to tag along for this one."

Bringing people from all over and for multiple different reasons.

"Well this is such a great activity and my whole family is here. My wife, My kids, and My neighbors. We all came out here to try some great beer," said Fuad Masso.

Along with the atmosphere it is a great place to relax and try new things.

"We really like different beers and trying different beers and here there really is a lot of things we have never seen before," said Hunter Most.

Xfinity Live! next event is the Cupid's Undie Run happening on February 18th.