With travel virtually halted, Hotel DuPont donates food to Sunday Breakfast Mission

Several cartloads of food were contributed by The Hotel DuPont to the Sunday Breakfast Mission Friday in Wilmington

Food that was meant for guests who aren't staying and events that aren't happening due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made it way from a hotel kitchen to a Wilmington shelter for the homeless.

The menu at the Sunday Breakfast Mission will be including parsnips.

Fresh produce, milk, eggs, salad dressings and other groceries - many of them perishable - were rolled out of the Hotel DuPont and into a van to be transported to the shelter several blocks away.

"We're hoping that this will get into the hands of people quickly and used up quickly,' Hotel DuPont Managing Director Greg Kavanagh said.

Sunday Breakfast Mission Director Rev. Tom Laymon said the shelter continues to feed and house hundreds of people on a daily basis - "with social distancing involved." The agency also distributes boxes of food in lower-income communities.

"It up the ante of the quality of the food that we can provide to them, and that's exciting," Laymon said.

The hotel also made a previous contribution to The Sunday Breakfast Mission.

"We are kind of a mini-supplier to many small neighborhood organizations that go all around the impoverished neighborhoods around us here in Wilmington," Laymon said. "This food will provide for thousands, joining others who have donated to Sunday Breakfast Mission as well."

"This is an extraordinary situation we find ourselves in right now," Kavanagh said. "We normally buy food in preparation for people that we know are going to be with us, either serving at a banquet or room service or in the restaurant. And so, we have a little extra food."

"We're glad that we could share."

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Mark Fowser is a veteran journalist in Delaware.