Wordplay in Wilmington: students parade, party in the streets to celebrate Dictionary Day

Coulrophobia: the fear of clowns.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: the fear of long words.

Even a spectator (or a reporter) could learn something Tuesday at First State Montessori Academy's Dictionary Day parade.

Students dressed in costume and carried their signs with words and their definitions along a blocked-off portion of French Street Tuesday afternoon. 

"I've learned that there's a lot of different, really cool phobias," Ella said as she held her sign with several lengthy phobia conditions and their descriptions.

(There's even a word for the fear of phobias: phophobia.)

Principal Courtney Fox said students in the younger grades came up with mostly nouns and descriptive words, while middle school students researched words with Latin roots - and phobias.

"We celebrate words, all day long," Fox said.

Some groups focused on occupations: soldier, doctor - or, journalist.

"It is someone who is either a reporter, or types newspapers and stuff like that," Sophie said as she stood in her costume: newspapers for a skirt, a sweatshirt with the logo of a certain network, and a reporter's notebook in hand.