Shark screenshot 062420

A Lewes man is seen prying open a shark's mouth over the weekend at Cape Henlopen State Park, in video posted to social media that's since gone viral.

Dave Williamson was apparently trying to free the shark from a fishing hook since state law prohibits keeping sand tiger and sand-bar sharks, if caught.

He spoke with WRDE.

"If you watch the video, I did those things and I try to do it by the book every single time because there are so many eyeballs and camera lenses on you at all times."

Williamson said he actually has experience when it comes to those types of situations.

"It's not a first for me by any means, I've been catching sharks on the beach now for about five years now."

Earlier this month, a boy was hospitalized after he received several puncture wounds on his leg while swimming at Herring Point, also in Cape Henlopen State Park. It's unclear whether he was bitten by a shark though.

Officials said shark attacks are rare, with the only known bite at a Delaware State Park beach occurring in June 2014. 

Aaron Carlisle, who handles Marine Science and Policy for the University of Delaware's Lewes Campus told WRDE these situations can happen.

"They're there, and they're pretty abundant. People catch them all the time surf fishing, and that's one of the big things that people seem to like to do here when they are fishing off the beach is sand tigers and sand bars."

In Williamson's case, it appears all ended up just fine.

"Nobody was harmed, everybody walked away healthy, as did the animal, and that's always great."