Drew Fry prepares to throw a pass against Framingham State

Drew Fry prepares to throw a pass against Framingham State

It didn't take Middletown fans very long to realize how special Drew Fry was.

Fry threw for six touchdowns in his debut as a sophomore in a 48-0 win over Caesar Rodney, but while that first impression was wonderful, his first start as a Wolverine was even better.

The freshman completed his first 15 passes, and by the time the first pass he threw that hit the turf happened in the 3rd quarter, Wesley was already leading 34-7 over Framingham State.

The next pass went for a 38-yard touchdown to Mike Credle.

Fry would exit in the third quarter having completed 24-of-28 passes for 345 yards and five touchdowns in Wesley's victory, showing signs of vintage Wesley offenses under All-Region names like Joe Callahan, Shane McSweeney, Justin Sottilaire, and Chris Warrick. 

Chip Knapp was the offensive coordinator for those quarterbacks, and he's Wesley's head coach now, and said Fry's ability to get to 3rd and 4th reads in a passing progression is critical.

"He as an ability in the middle of the play to see guys who are open and get them the ball quickly. That's what he did when Jerrish [Hallsey] was open, he got it to him. It doesn't matter who it is, once he pulls the trigger, he's very accurate."

Knapp was patient with Fry, as the freshman learned the offense while David Marraco and Jon Mullin were steering the Wolverines to a 9-1 record and an NCAA berth, but behind the scenes, Fry was being groomed for this moment.

"It's the command of the ten other guys out there and knowing different things that go with the system and the logistics of the play. Can he put people in motion, sometimes you forget those things when you're concentrating on what the play is. He has an overall command of the other ten guys, and that's what we ask, to move those ten guys down the field. Once we saw he was getting more opportunities in practice, he was taking command and getting more comfortable, and then it was just his talent taking over."

It's talent from a bloodline that Delawareans know well. His father Dale was an outstanding baseball and football player at Middletown, and he went on to guide the University of Delaware to the I-AA playoffs in 1992.

Drew wasn't old enough to see Dale play, but he's well aware of his pedigree.

"I get a lot of stories on how strong of an arm he had, and how tough of a player he was. And I try play like him, I guess."

Much like his dad, Drew also played baseball, most commonly at third base. Wesley's quarterback said his football game has grown from playing on the diamond.

"Playing baseball helps me out a lot. The arm strength and going through certain types of workouts to strengthen my arm makes it more durable."

As for talking to his dad, Drew said Dale's lessons from playing in the Wing-T under College Football Hall of Famer Tubby Raymond translate.

"Always be looking forward to the next play, and never get down on one play. He's always preached to look at the next play, or let the next rep or play bring you down. Keep going to the next."

The next is now a second start of his collegiate career against Delaware Valley in the NCAA Tournament's 2nd Round Saturday, but Drew's high school coach Zach Blum said he wasn't surprised when he heard his former QB shined in a Wesley uniform.

"I always called Drew 'ace' because he's just that guy. Why or how? I don't know. I think it's just something that burns inside him that lets him do those things that's always fun to be a part of.

"He'll always be one of my favorites. He's a lot of fun to be around, and I miss having him around tremendously, just from a personality standpoint. When he let me know last Tuesday that he was going to start, I couldn't have been any happier for him. I could feel through the message how excited he was about it. It was a pretty special night, and it's something I'll remember for a long time. I'm super excited and proud for him."

Drew coming to Wesley was no guarantee, there were other possibilities for a 2-time state quarterback of the year, but in the end, he came south to Dover.

"I felt really comfortable coming here, I knew a lot of the players, and I really felt comfortable with the coaches, and I knew they'd help me along the way.

Drew has 'aced' his first exam with the Wolverines, but with a battle against a Delaware Valley defense that held Wesley without a touchdown until the second overtime of Wesley's 24-18 4OT win in September, the test is about to get much tougher. 

Fry's probably not going to surprise anyone with success anymore.