Photo of the Day 9/23/14

(WDEL file)

If you take and post a ton of selfies, what might that say about you?

People who post large numbers of selfies often have low self-esteem, and post the pictures, basically, for one reason, said mental health expert Doctor Gregory Jantz.

"Am I looking for validation? Am I looking to feel better about myself, and will people like me, or am I trying to show, 'Hey, i'm cool--look where I am,' but I'm looking for validation, and it's a very limited validation," said Jantz.

Jantz said frequent posters often have a shaky sense of who they are, and social media's impersonal nature can reduce impulse control.

He added impulsive behavior often leads to a problem that's frequently ignored.

"The later regret that people have--'Oh, I regret taking all those pictures of myself.  I regret.'  And then, (they) become really despondent for the behaviors (they) took, what (they) posted out there, and (they) really regret it," said Jantz.

Jantz cited one case in which he counseled the family of a suicide victim who took their life because of regret over selfies.

He penned the book, "Healing Depression For Life: The Personalized Approach That Offers New Hope For Lasting Relief."