Accuweather Map for January 14, 2020 - PM

Accuweather Map - January 14, 2020

Both snow and rain are expected in Delaware on Saturday, but there's still a debate as to which will reign supreme during this weekend's forecasted storm.

The National Weather Service puts the overall chance of precipitation in Wilmington at 90% on Saturday, with snow chances starting as early at 1 a.m., and putting it as likely by 10 a.m. They flip the snow over to rain as temperatures rise above freezing by 4 p.m., with rain continuing until until 1 a.m. late Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Dover's snow window is even tighter, with the changeover expected by 1 p.m., while Georgetown may experience a brief batch of snow for a few hours in the morning before their flip-over.

In their discussion, the National Weather Service writes a winter weather advisory could be possible along the Interstate 95 coordinator over the weekend, but the greater chance is in New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania.

The forecast challenge is how strong an arctic high pressure will be that will bring rare below-normal temperatures to the region on Friday, as Wilmington is only supposed to get to 35 degrees, with a low of 21 on Saturday night.

That dome of cold will be challenged by a storm system coming from the west-southwest, with the main low cutting up towards the Appalachians, which usually surges warm air along the coast.

Even if that hits and its associated rain washes away the snow, the trailing cold front figures to bring the longest extended period of cold to Delaware this season.

Highs are projected to be in the upper 30s or low 40s Sunday, and Wilmington night not break freezing on Monday or Tuesday.

At this point, no snow is expected early next week with the chilly temps.