hazy skies 072021

Smoke from the western wildfires in the United States and Canada is travelling thousands of miles to bring a haze over the region.

It’s being spread into our area by the jet stream, making for an especially hazy day Tuesday. 

"We had it yesterday, but it is thicker [Tuesday]. It is going to be hazy and hot during the day. That sun will still have an impact. In spite of the smoke and the haze, we'll see temperatures climb hotter than yesterday into the low 90s today," said NBC10 meteorologist Bill Henley.

However, you likely won’t be able to smell the smoke, as it is 10,000 to 20,000 feet up in the atmosphere.

Expect dramatic sunrises and sunsets over the new couple days as haze caused by smoke from Canadian wildfires is causing some air quality issues. A Code Orange is in effect Wednesday in Delaware.

A cold front sweeping through later Wednesday should clear the smoke from our skies for the rest of the week.

Showers in the afternoon--those will clear things out--and make for much more pleasant weather at the end of the week--a refreshing change, with humidity coming way down for Thursday and Friday," said Henley.