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The 2021 City of Wilmington holiday calendar may still have an upcoming change even as September rolls along.

Wilmington City Council's Finance & Economic Development Committee sent an ordinance for full council consideration that would change the antiquated date the city observes Veterans Day into November.

Wilmington employees currently observe the 4th Monday of October as a holiday, but the federal government observes Veterans Day on November 11.

Charlotte Barnes, Wilmington's HR Director, told the committee that the difference in dates has been an issue.

"It created some disruption, particularly as it related to trash pickup and other items. We were closed when everyone was open, and on the 11th we were open and everyone was closed. It caused confusion."

Veterans Day dates back to 1954, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed November 11 as the date, although a Veterans Day parade was first held in Emporia, Kansas in 1953.

Congress passed a law in 1968 moving the date to the fourth Monday in October, but after several states moved back to November 11, Congress responded in kind in 1978.

Wilmington never made the adjustment locally, although if council passes the ordinance at their September 16 meeting, October 25 would become a regular work day, and Thursday, November 11 would become Wilmington's holiday starting this fall.