Wilmington City Council passes a resolution encouraging the Purzycki Administration to be supportive of the city as a safe and inclusive community for all residents regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

"We want them to trust us, we will make certain that the trust is still there," said Councilwoman Yolanda McCoy, the main sponsor of the resolution.

As for the goal of the resolution?

"To maintain trust between the city and all of its residents it's fundamental to the values of our city that all people have equal access to city services regardless of their citizenship and immigration status," said McCoy.

Ciro Adams is the lone Republican on City Council, and he was the only vote against the resolution.

"I realize we changed the name to Safe City but this here again smacks of a Sanctuary City here, and I sort of can't understand why we are passing this legislation," said Adams.

The vote was 9-to-1 with three council members absent from the Thursday, September 20, 2019 meeting.

Adams went to say that there's only one ICE agent in the city, and that if a raid were to take place it would take more than that one agent to conduct the raid.

He adds, there hasn't been a documented raid in the city in some time.

"We were at a public safety meeting and you heard the police chief say there has not been a raid in this community in two and a half years," said Adams. "And that he's unaware of any raid before that time."

The newest member on council, Chris Johnson, explains why he supported the resolution.

"Immigrants and people who may feel afraid in communities, they don't report crimes, they don't say something when they see something, they're not engaged in a community when there's a fear of an ICE agent deporting them," said Johnson. "And that threat is real it's happening it may not have happened in Delaware yet but it's happening across the country."