Wilmington City Councilwoman-elect Shané Darby's swearing in ceremony was canceled this morning, according to an announcement from the city, sent 15 minutes after it was slated to begin.

Darby said she declined to have her swearing in because of legal issues surrounding the vacancy of the District 2 seat, which she would be assuming. In a WDEL interview over the summer, Council President-elect Trippi Congo admitted to moving out of his district, forcing the vacancy.

"There’s controversy over whether or not the seat is legitimately vacant and I shouldn’t be drawn into that. I worked hard my whole life to be where I am today. I will not allow my successes and legacy to be tainted by the drama of the 107th session. More importantly, I will not be a pawn in someone’s game of chess ♟!" she said in a Facebook post.

A court hearing on the matter is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday, November 10, 2020.

Darby, a community activist and child behavioral health therapist, said she'll await a court decision before she's sworn in or will be sworn in along with the rest of her colleagues on January 5, 2021.