Family Feud host Steve Harvey meets the Fletcher family from Wilmington

Family Feud host Steve Harvey meets the Fletcher family from Wilmington

Knowing what would stop a woman from kissing a man with a beard proved to be lucrative knowledge for a Wilmington family.

The Fletcher family won their debut on the syndicated game show "Family Feud" aired Tuesday evening (CW 57), and Debra's answer of "food" won the tiebreaker, giving them the win over a family from Louisiana.

The captain of the team was 2018 Miss Big Beautiful Woman Delaware Pageant winner Lisa Fletcher, along her four sisters Margaret, Annette, Joan, and Debra.

The Delaware quintet controlled the game, winning the toss-up showdown before each of the four main questions, claiming a a 248-0 lead after three questions.

They were one answer away from winning in a shutout, but could not come up with the fourth answer to "I like to think I improve in age, just like (blank)." 

The Portie family said "celebrities", stealing the 276 points, and forcing a one-answer showdown for the chance to play the bonus round.

Debra, described as a "pool shark" by her sister earlier in the show, sank her teeth into the final question "You're about to kiss your man, but you stop because you see what in his beard?" by answering "food", setting off a celebration when it revealed to be the top answer.

Lisa and Margaret played the bonus round, with Lisa starting and getting 178 points.

Margaret finished the path to 200 by saying asking if a dog wants food would be a reason they would wag their tail in response, giving the Fletchers the $20,000.

The Fletchers are scheduled to return on Wednesday's 7 p.m. episode, and if they can win five straight times, they would win a car along with the bonus round winnings.