A 24-year-old Wilmington man was charged with driving toward a police officer in an oncoming traffic lane while attempting to pass a line of vehicles while drunk, Newark Police said Monday. 

According to authorities, Kevin Jimenez crossed over a double-yellow line on East Cleveland Avenue in the area of Wilbur Street around 3:15 p.m. on Saturday, May 1, 2021, to pass a line of vehicles when an officer on foot patrol stepped into the path of the vehicle in an attempt to stop it. 

Police said Jimenez sped up but the officer was able to avoid being struck while noting the license plate of the vehicle. 

A Newport Police officer later spotted the vehicle pulling into a Wilmington-area residence and Jimenez was taken into custody following a brief struggle. 

Jimenez was charged by Newport Police with DUI and resisting arrest, and by Newark Police with first-degree reckless endangering, disregarding a police officer's signal, reckless driving, and overtaking a vehicle on the left. He was released on $8,200 unsecured bond.