A 26-year-old Wilmington man was charged with carjacking a victim in Stanton on Tuesday evening, Delaware State Police announced Wednesday. 

According to authorities, Joshua Bostic attempted to carjack a Budget Rental Van from the victim in the parking lot of the Christiana Medical Center at 4755 Ogletown Stanton Road around 6:20 p.m. on October 20, 2020. 

When the attempt proved unsuccessful, Bostic fled on foot, authorities said, and successfully took a car from a 60-year-old victim in the area of Samoset Drive and Route 4 just four minutes later. Police said Bostic climbed in the passenger seat and demanded the victim drive, but the victim fled while screaming for help. 

Good Samaritans who witnessed the event attempted to stop Bostic, but he was able to climb into the driver's seat and flee, crashing the stolen vehicle at the intersection of Rivers End and Providence drives. He suffered serious injuries in the crash, police said. 

Upon release from an area hospital for his non-life-threatening injuries, Bostic will face charges of felony second-degree robbery and felony second-degree attempted robbery.