You've no doubt heard the phrase, "learn to code."

A local non-profit group is putting out the message that no matter what your age or background, you can do just that, enjoy your work and make good money, too.

Learning to code doesn't even take that long, said Zip Code Wilmington's Melanie Augustin.

"We train folks in 12 weeks to be software developers, and work with our partner companies to put them into good-paying jobs," said Augustin.

She added on average, those jobs pay $74,000 per year, and while anybody of any age can learn the skill, picking it up when you're young can give you a leg up.

"The studies have shown that when we wait until individuals are in college, they're less likely to choose [coding] if they haven't been exposed to that field earlier on," said Augustin.

Zip Code Wilmington trains high school students as part of New Castle County's 1000 Kids Coding initiative, to give companies a fresh pool of talent to create new apps, websites and other ways for businesses to connect with their customers.