Indonesia Asian Games Skateboard

Japan's Kaya Isa competes in the women's skateboard park final at the 18th Asian Games in Palembang, Indonesia.

A new skate park is coming to Wilmington, city officials announced Wednesday. 

The $600,000 project will be constructed at Liberty and Lower Linden streets, on land provided to the city by the State Transportation Department. 

A bowl will be featured prominently at the street plaza course, and construction of the concrete facility is set to begin in September following public bids for design and construction. 

"A skate park has been the dream of Kevin Kelley and others for more than 20 years,” said Mayor Mike Purzycki in a release announcing the project. “It was discussed, debated, planned, shelved and revived a few times in that order in the past two decades and now we’ve finally reached the day when Kevin, as Parks and Recreation Director, has the pleasure to join me in making this announcement. We are very grateful to former Senator [Robert] Marshall and former Representative [Helene] Keeley who, like Kevin, never gave up hope that a skate park would be built in Wilmington.”

A city council committee will consider a resolution Wednesday night that would then head to a full council vote to allow the city to accept the land for the skate park.