Wilmington Riverfront winter

The overhaul of the traffic pattern along the Wilmington Riverfront has brought about some new streets, and a chance to extend the honors for two Wilmingtonians.

The Riverfront Development Corporation, after consulting with City Council and the Mayor's office, recommended a new 1.48 mile street to be named Judy Johnson Drive.

In addition, a small connector road next to Frawley Stadium would be called Frawley Drive. 

They would be in the vicinity of Judy Johnson Field at Daniel Frawley Stadium, the home of the Wilmington Blue Rocks since 1993.

Frawley served as Mayor from 1985 to 1993, helping to bring the Blue Rocks to Wilmington as part of the initial revitalization of the what is now known as the Riverfront.

Judy Johnson as a member of the Negro Leagues from 1923-1937, and spent part of his life in Wilmington before dying in 1989.

The new road names will be considered by the Public Works & Transportation Committee at its next meeting.