A Citizen Complaint Review Board aimed at overseeing Wilmington Police will become law, but not with the mayor's signature. 

In a statement, Mayor Mike Purzycki said he chose to let Wilmington City Council's approval go forward, calling it an "illusion."

"It promises meaningful change that it cannot deliver while mandating an additional bureaucracy, the full cost of which is unknown. On its first day with its first case, this Board will run full speed into an insurmountable wall of state laws and labor agreements which will stymie its efforts."

Purzycki writes the board's success would require General Assembly support in Dover, plus the inclusion of recommendations from ACLU, NAACP, Wilmington HOPE Commission, the Latin American Community Center, and the Clergy of the City of Wilmington "make it more vulnerable to political influence and biases."

Purzycki added that the "broad public appeal" led him to allow it to pass forward, but that the legislation will need to be altered during the next session of council.

Without his signature, the CCRB would become law on November 29, 2020.