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Actress and Wilmington native Aubrey Plaza

(WDEL file)

Television and film star and Wilmington native Aubrey Plaza poked some fun at her hometown during the "Community Calendar" segment of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Friday night.

Plaza, known mainly for her roles in NBC's Parks and Recreation and FX's Legion, started with this groaner, courtesy of Colbert's writers.

"Thank you, Stephen, and you know what we say in Wilmington--it's a Wilming-TON of fun," said Plaza.

She and Colbert then read public service announcements re-worked by the show's staff, including this one for the Wilmington Pirate Festival.

"A family-friendly day of pirate-and-maritime-themed swashbuckling fun.  So throw on an eye patch, strap on a wooden leg, then ransack a passing ship, take their crew prisoners, succumb to scurvy, and get hanged for your crimes--plus, face painting," said Plaza sardonically.

There was also this altered announcement for the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center's "Fatherfest."

"Fatherfest will feature fun attractions, like classic cars, motorcycles and a beer garden, so stop by and see what happens when you mix vehicles, alcohol and middle-age despair," said Plaza.

The writers also showed their world-class mastery of atrocious puns.

"As we like to say, where there's a Wilmington, there's a Way-mington," said Plaza.

Plaza's new movie, a remake of 1988's Child's Play, debuts this Friday.