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Delaware's community pools were eligible to open last Friday for Memorial Day weekend, but Wilmington still isn't sure if the city's will open at all in 2020.

A week after Mayor Mike Purzycki told a Wilmington Town Hall meeting audience he wasn't sure if the strict limitations would allow for an opening this summer, his Chief of Staff Tanya Washington told a Wilmington City Council COVID-19 Committee the restrictions are still a problem.

"If we decide to open up the pools - and that's a big if - based on the percentage or square footage calculation of how many kids can be in the pool at any given time, that it will be fairly low, we're talking 50 to 70 kids at some of our larger pools, at one time."

Washington said she had been part of meetings involving Department of Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Kelley, and they still had issues to work through before any sort of opening could take place.

"Revisit how we're going to get the training for some of the lifeguards, if that's going to be possible to have enough lifeguards for the time we would open up. Also whether we'd have to rotate kids in and out, it's all part of a bigger discussion."

City Councilwoman Loretta Walsh also raised concerns about social distancing, and enforcement.

"You get kids in water or a pool, how are you going to keep kids away from each other? It's just not going to happen. You can't do it in a 5-inch pool in somebody's backyard, how are you going to do that in a big pool where they're going just to have fun? And then we're asking 17-and-18-year-olds to enforce that?"

Wilmington currently operates the Eden Park, Joseph R. Biden (formerly Prices Run), Hicks Anderson, Foster Brown, and P.S. duPont Middle School pools.

Community pools in Delaware are limited to 20% of their regular capacity at the moment, with no swim lessons or team practices permitted.