Wilmington may go to court to force a countywide property reassessment

Wilmington's COVID-related executive order was rescinded Monday, allowing for the resumption of city services and the potential for in-person public meetings.

Mayor Mike Purzycki announced that starting on Monday, July 26, 2021, many city programs that had ceased since last March will resume.

The city will resume enforcing traffic and parking violations with tickets, boots, and towing. The 1-to-2 hour neighborhood parking restrictions will also be enforced, with the city emphasizing residents should have up-to-date parking stickers.

Water service will be allowed to be disconnected, although it can be avoided if a resident or business makes an agreement with the city.

Neighborhood street cleaning will also resume, which means residents should follow the on-street parking signs and move their vehicles at the appropriate times.

Sheriff sales will also resume.

In addition, public meetings, including Wilmington City and New Castle County Council, will have the option of going fully in-person, fully in-person with virtual public participation, or remaining virtual, with an in-person anchor location for those who wish to still attend the meeting.

It's expected that both bodies will allow at least some level of virtual option.

Public access to city government buildings will still be limited, as many satellite departmental offices will remain open in the lobby of the Redding Government Building on French Street.