Novel coronavirus COVID-19

A dozen youth have been moved from the Ferris School for Boys after a staffer tested positive for COVID-19, creating staffing challenges at the facility.

The staffer's positive test led to 10 other staffers being required to self-isolate for two weeks, according to the Delaware Department of Services for Youth Children and Their Families (DSYCF). While the department did not require testing of the quarantined employees, they said five staffers were tested. Three tests were returned negative while two are still awaiting results.

Seven youth were moved to Stevenson House in Milford while five were moved to the New Castle County Detention Center.

"Their families have been notified, and kids will continue to receive the same level of rehabilitative services," said DSYCF spokeswoman Jen Rini.  

Youth, ages 13 to 18, who were moved were not tested for COVID-19 since, Rini said, they were not moved due to exposure; they were moved due to a staffing shortage.

"We are unaware of any youth who have had any contact with staff without following CDC guidelines," Rini said. "We are following the CDC screening guidelines to monitor for symptoms and taking temperatures daily."  

Meantime, Ferris School, a Level V facility, is being disinfected with a fogger machine. The youth will return to the facility on July 1, when staffing levels return to normal.

Staff have tested positive for COVID-19 early on the pandemic, but until now, levels had not dipped to a point where youth needed to be moved.