Tyhir Harley scores on a two-point conversion for Howard

A.I. duPont and Delmar continued their paths towards 2 home games in the Division 2 state tournament, as the chase for the final bids begins to clear.

The only change in the top 4 (1st round hosts) seeds are at No. 3, where New Church’s victory over Saint Elizabeth gave them 9 wins, vaulting Friends a point ahead of their Independent Conference rivals Tower Hill. It looks like the winner of their Week 10 showdown will be assured one of those hosting opportunities.

After that, Archmere and Howard look to have the best chances to jump the loser of that game, with Archmere’s impending 6-point (likely) victory over Wilmington Charter giving them the leg up over Howard if both win out.

Cinderella McKean slipped out of their playoff slot with the (not bad) loss to A.I. duPont, moving Woodbridge and Milford, who were tied for 8th last week, both onto the bubble, although DMA moved up, and the Seahawks still have a Division 1 game left (Newark), to give them a scheduling edge.

Milford and Woodbridge both have another potential problem, or advantage, as both finish with Delmar. Woodbridge appears to have the schedule advantage on Milford, especially if Dover gets to 9 wins, so Milford is likely in must-win territory against Delmar this week.

McKean still is in play if they can win out, but there aren’t many bonus points sitting on their schedule, so it becomes tough to find a path for them to end their long post-season drought, plus Saint Elizabeth could pass them with the Newark game on their schedule in Week 10.

Saint Mark’s and Brandywine would need just about everyone ahead of them to lose twice to stay alive.

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Point System

Division I Opponent: 6 Points for a win, 1 Point for a Loss

Division II Opponent: 4 Points for a win, 0 Points for a Loss

Bonus Points: 1 for 7 or 8 opponent wins, 2 for 9 or 10 wins

September 30, 2016 attendance count boundary: 1,119 students, or 560 for all-male schools

NOTE: The A.I. duPont/Christiana game has been judged a no-contest, so the game will not be counted on A.I.’s schedule.

Out-Of-State Opponents (Recent Changes in Bold)

Division I:

Division II: Saint Mary’s, Arcadia, Harford Tech (8-1), Perkiomen, George, Sidwell Friends, New Church (9-0), North East, Cambridge-South Dorchester (6-3), WashingtonMD

Bonus Point Opponents

7 Wins: Harford Tech, Delmar, Hodgson, Sussex Central, Dover, A.I. duPont, Tower Hill, Friends, Archmere

9 Wins: New Church

1) A.I. duPont 7-0* (6+6+4+4+?+4+4+4=32/7=4.57) - @Brandywine, Dickinson

2) Delmar 8-0 (6+4+4+4+4+4+4+4=34/8=4.25) - @Milford, @Woodbridge

3) Friends 7-1 (4+4+4+2**+6+4+4+4=32/8=3.86) – @St. Andrew’s, Tower

4) Tower Hill 7-1 (1*+4+6+4+4+4+4+4=31/8=3.88) – @Dickinson, @Friends

5) Archmere 7-1 (2*+4+4+4+4+4+4+4=30/8=3.75) Wilm. Charter, @FSMA

6) Howard 6-2 (6+2*+4+4+4+4+1*+4=29/8=3.63) – Christiana, @Glasgow

7) Woodbridge – 6-2 (4+2*+1*+4+4+4+4+4=27/8=3.38) - @IR, Delmar

T-8) Milford – 5-3 (1+0+6+4+4+0+6+4=25/8=3.13) - Delmar, @Lake

T-8) DMA – 5-3 (6+4+4+0+2*+1*+4+4=25/8=3.13) - Newark, Conrad

10) McKean – 5-3 (4+4+0+6+0+4+4+1*=23/8=2.88) –Mount, @Christiana

11) Saint Elizabeth – 4-4 (4+4+1*+4+4+1*+1*+2**=21/8=2.63) – @St. Mark’s, Newark

12) Saint Mark’s 4-4 (6+4+4+1*+4+0+0+0=19/8=2.38) –St. Elizabeth, @Salesianum

13) Brandywine – 4-4 (0+4+4+0+4+1+4+1=18/8=2.25) – AI, @Mount