Archmere Football

Brett Kwoka about to block a punt in DMA's endzone and set the tone for the second half of play.

Delaware Division 2 Football Playoff Points after Week 7

A.I. duPont's victory over Howard moved the Tigers closer to a coveted top 2 seed, while the Wildcats fell back into a shuffle in this week's look at the Division 2 Football playoff standings.

There continues to be a significant logjam near the bottom seeds, as McKean sits in 7th, but is staring at a tough game at A.I. this week, that could open a slot for teams like DMA and Milford.

Woodbridge is the one team who jumped into the Top 8 this week, taking advantage of St. Mark's home loss to DMA.

Interestingly enough, those teams meet this week, in what could become an elimination game.

Saint Elizabeth also has a must-win game against Academy of New Church, who earlier defeated Friends, a victory there, along with Division 1 Newark, could get them back into play down the stretch.

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Point System

Division I Opponent: 6 Points for a win, 1 Point for a Loss

Division II Opponent: 4 Points for a win, 0 Points for a Loss

Bonus Points: 1 for 7 or 8 opponent wins, 2 for 9 or 10 wins

September 30, 2016 attendance count boundary: 1,119 students, or 560 for all-male schools

NOTE:At this time the A.I. duPont/Christiana game has been judged a no-contest, so the game will not be counted on A.I.’s schedule. Unless A.I.’s point index falls under 4.0 (unlikely), it would not benefit them to reschedule the game, as it could prevent them from reaching 9 wins (costing opponents a bonus point), and a 4-point win would lower their index.

Out-Of-State Opponents (Recent Changes in Bold)

Division I:

Division II: Saint Mary’s (5-3), Arcadia, Harford Tech (8-0), Perkiomen, George, Sidwell Friends, New Church (8-0), North East, Cambridge-South Dorchester (5-3), WashingtonMD

Bonus Point Opponents

7 Wins: Harford Tech, New Church, Delmar, Hodgson

9 Wins:

1) A.I. duPont 6-0* (6+6+4+4+?+4+4=28/6=4.7) - McKean, @Brandywine, Dickinson

2) Delmar 7-0 (6+4+4+4+4+4+4=30/7=4.29) - Laurel, @Milford, @Woodbridge

T-3) Tower Hill 6-1 (1*+4+6+4+4+4+4=27/7=3.86) – St. Andrew’s, @Conrad, @Dickinson, @Friends

T-3) Friends 6-1 (4+4+4+1*+6+4+4=27/7=3.86) – Tatnall, @St. Andrew’s, Tower

5) Archmere 6-1 (1+4+4+4+4+4+4=25/7=3.57) @Red Lion, Wilm. Charter, @FSMA

6) Howard 5-2 (6+2*+4+4+4+4+0=24/7=3.43) – @Mount, Christiana, @Glasgow

7) McKean – 5-2 (4+4+0+6+0+4+4=22/7=3.14) – @AI, Mount, @Christiana

T-8) Woodbridge – 5-2 (4+1+0+4+4+4+4=21/7=3.00) - @St. Mark’s, @IR, Delmar

T-8) Milford – 4-3 (1+0+6+4+4+0+6=21/7=3.00) - IR, Delmar, @Lake

10) DMA – 4-3 (6+4+4+0+2*+0+4=20/7=2.86) - FSMA, Newark, Conrad

11) Saint Mark’s 4-3 (6+4+4+0+4+0+0=18/7=2.57) – Woodbridge, St. Elizabeth, @Salesianum

T-12) Brandywine – 4-3 (0+4+4+0+4+1+4=17/7=2.42) – Dickinson, CR, AI, @Mount

T-12) Saint Elizabeth – 4-3 (4+4+1*+4+4+0+0=17/7=2.42) – @New Church, @St. Mark’s, Newark

14) FSMA – 3-3 (4+4+4+0+0+1=13/6=2.17) – @DMA, Tatnall, Archmere

T-15) Conrad – 3-4 (4+0+0+4+0+6+0=14/7=2.00) - Tower, Delcastle, @DMA