Wilmington Friends Volleyabll

Welcome in to WDEL's Top Plays of the week.

We had a couple teams go the extra mile to reserve multiple spots on our top plays list.

It's a record-breaking, big-play making, pitch-filled go-round this week.

10 - St. Georges got rocked on the road this week but not for lack of effort. Big man Terrence Trapp is going to pick off a rolling CJ Henry and it would have been higher on the list, but he should have just dropped for the touchback.

9 - Woodbridge up north taking on St. Mark's and the Blue Raiders' Gabe Wescott is going to run a 65-yard kickoff return around, roughly, 130 yards. He disappears into the scrum for a bit but finishes off the game of peek-a-boo with a trip to the endzone.

8 - Brandywine taking on St. E's at Talen Energy and one of these teams would like to forget it. Andrew Smith to John Murphy for the header. Brilliant.

7 - Hodgson on the right side of things, CJ Henry finds Kam'Ryn Thomas who blows by the defender and is ready for his close-up Mr. DeVille.

6 - Back to the pitch and Tower Hill's Joe Pinto with the big boot--Aidan Donoho gets it to Markus Wittreich, who gets the goal and the 'A' for form on the flying crossbody.

5 - DMA is back on the right track. Diamond State Military bowl and Nick Shavico is going to absolutely wreck First State's signal-caller with a perfectly executed assault.

4 - CJ Henry back at it, and does this guy know how to find the camera lens? He'll find Ny'Ghee Lolley from 29 out and the Silver Eagles would roll.

3 - Sussex Tech had some downtime this season but KJ Custis and crew go off on the soon-to-be ex-defending champs. Custis nets 5 trips to paydirt and this is just the most appealing because it's gonna take just a bit more to get this guy down.

2 - Wilmington Friends' Oryem Kilama gets wheels and will make the Hillers pay for that earlier highlight. Maximum effort right there.

1 - Friends gets the top spots and the jewel of the week goes to Dani Nathan, who's 1,167th career kill puts her in the record book for the most in Delaware High School Volleyball. Congrats, Quaker.

Didn't see your play or your game? If you can make the cut, let us know and we'll get your viewer submission plugged in.

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