Dover Football

Welcome in to Delaware's top plays of the week.

A bit late in delivery but it was a long weekend and this sports reporter needed a few naps to catch up.

Bit of an odd list this week but let's take a look.

10 - A.I. Dupont not waiting for the playoffs to beat Howard. Chad Jones finds Nazaire Miller for 74 yards and the score in a big day at Baynard.

9 - Trailing late, Aidan Sanchez finds Makhi Jackson for the beautiful grab in the effort that falls eight points short.

8 - A big defensive effort from a Flight A volleyball matchup. Appo's Alyssa White is going to get big and come up with the timely block.

7 - Back to Smyrna we go, a major shootout. Temple commit Jordan Magee finds Raekwon Jackson who will put in some work to find the inside of the pylon.

6 - A large part of the Smyrna comeback, a score in the opening of the third quarter followed by a brilliant onsides kick from Anthony Buscemi and Makhi Jackson back on the scene with the recovery.

5 - Back to St. Georges, some Hawks on the attack. Carly Dillulio will get a big block, forcing the Jags to set up Jessica Charlier for the big kill and the eventual 4 set victory clinching Flight A.

4 - Howard wouldn't go quietly. Stephen Forbi knocks the numbers off Chad Jones and Isaiah Kelsey will pick up what's left. Need a little time to adjust on the shot but you get the point, back to the big house for six.

3 - St. Elizabeth hosting Archmere and the Auks are just on a tear. Darren DiRenzo bum rushes and Vikings won't escape. The skol clap means two points and that defensive unit is getting scary.

2 - The most controversial play from the division one shootout. You may not agree if forward motion was halted, a knee was down or what other factors had an influence on this game--but you play until the whistle sounds and Javon Peace goes yard. 99-plus yards on the fumble recovery in the statement win against the Back-to-back-to-back state champs.

1 - DMA may have won this game but Joe Deal will throttle a Spartan helmet and St. Mark's Devon Jones will grab the pick. Another controversial did he catch or no but the effort and the spectacle get you on the list.

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